We are all born in Veneto and we live there since we are children; we have now tied our experiences and our memories to this land, but also our future.
We come from the swamp lands after the war, we have seen our country evolve until our days dreaming of giving it to our children in the best way we could.
In short, we are tied to this land as a fisherman is linked to his own sea or as a hiker to his mountains.


Bring the traditions of our lands to those who do not know them; to touch art and architecture live, stories and legends, good food accompanied by a glass of wine. All this without forgetting the values that we have been taught and that we do not want to forget.


That's how CulturaPlus was born, a project of 5 tours in the Veneto hinterland. Discovering one of the most beautiful lands in Italy: between art, cuisine and tradition.