• 10.00 am - arrival at Motta and guided tour of the sanctuary

  • 11.30 / 12.00 - free time

  • 12.15 - transfer to the farm for lunch with typical dishes of the area

  • 15.00 / 17.00 - transfer and guided tour of the Corvezzo winery

Motta di Livenza acquires relevance in 1291 when it is named "firstborn daughter of the Serenissima". The first settlement on the right bank of the river Livenza and near the confluence of its tributary, the river Monticano, was a Castello dei Da Camino (1300). Marin Sanudo the young diarist (1466-1536) described it as follows: "... two rivers that accompany and bathe the Rocca". Then in front of the ancient castle the "Porto della Mota" developed, where the goods of the Venetians from the East landed to continue overland in Europe. But it is from the fifteenth century that it became an important place for Venice and that gave birth to great characters in different fields. Among its historical beauties also includes the Basilica of the Madonna dei Miracoli which is one of its characteristic places and destination of continuous pilgrimages.
The Basilica (1510) (Project of Father Francesco Zorzi) was erected following the apparition of the Madonna to a humble peasant, Giovanni Cigana, in 1510. The building, built under the direction of the Venetian Franciscan Francesco Zorzi, presents itself as a harmonious set of simple and linear forms: the succession of the arches of the cloister, the semicircular elements of the tympanum, the side sails that surround the glass rose window, the statues that adorn the main facade, make the basilica an authoritative example of sixteenth-century architecture.






KM 0


Immersed in the green of the Treviso plains stands the Vidisè agritourism. Our restaurant offers flavors linked to the Venetian tradition such as homemade cold cuts, pasta and beans, gnocchi and homemade pasta, mushroom soup and fabulous grilled meat: coast, sausages, Florentine, cut and chops. All our foods respect the "Km0", guaranteeing excellent quality and fresh products every day. The name Vidisè derives from the Latin name of the street: "Vitis Est". Hence the name of the Vidisè product line.
Aperitif: cellar with bruschettona and wine tasting (non-alcoholic aperitif for those who do not like wine)
First course: risotto with stracchino and basil and tagliatelle with Florentine ragout
Second courses: coppa spit with stewed bacon and sliced ​​low-temperature chicken cooked with rocket and parmesan
Mixed side dishes
Dessert: tasting of mixed desserts of the house
Drinking: the whole meal will be accompanied by white and red wine in the bottle of the house, sparkling and natural water.








In the heart of the Treviso countryside, embraced by the waters of the Piave and Livenza rivers, rises a land famous since Roman times for its fertility.
The wine-making tradition of Cessalto, a small village located a few kilometers from Venice, is inextricably linked to the history of the Corvezzo family: they were the first years of the twentieth century, when Giuseppe Corvezzo worked with passion the vineyards of the nearby Villa Morosina, built in an area that the Venetian nobles guarded for centuries for the scenic beauty and the great rural vocation.
In 1960 his son Giovanni founded his first winery in his current location with his wife Maria. In the nineties the steady growth of the winery is mainly due to the skilful skills of Renzo. Since 2008, the company is entrusted to their children, Giovanni and Katia.
In 2010 the Biological conversion of the 150 ha has officially started and now the Corvezzo is a 100% certified organic company.